January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Looking back on this year, we've realized how much we, our families and friends have done in a such a short amount of time... and we're so thankful! 2009 was a year full of selling our house, saying goodbyes to good friends, preparing for and moving to Munich, learning German somewhat, playing tour guides in our new city and meeting lots of new friends.

We hope this next year brings even more happiness, adventure and general good tidings to you all!

-Greg and Ayelet

p.s. Cultural note: In Munich, everyone goes crazy with fireworks (think 4th of July on steroids--grocery stores currently are filled to the brim with fireworks). They also eat pink marzipan pigs for good luck. If I wasn't so over sweets at the moment, I'd probably go get one to try. There's always next year. Happy New Year!

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