July 25, 2009

Feeling the good karma

Our good friend in Aurora, Molly, really made us believe in karma-both good and bad. Well, we've definitely had some good karma on this trip so far. Our plane ride started out with some bad karma-we tried to check our cat into the flight at the wrong desk and were told that we'd have to go to the cargo area. Cargo was outside the airport, but not far enough that a taxi would take us (as far as we were told). Having no other alternative but a taxi, Greg and I found one and sat in it resolutely before we even told the driver where we wanted to go. There was no way he was going to tell us "I can't take you there."

After a $10 cab ride (!?!!?), we got to this cargo area only to be told that Scoots's carrier was too small and we'd have to go to a pets store to get a new one, which would make Scoots late for his flight. Thankfully, the guy at the desk took pity on us because of the whole cab incident and managed to find a good-sized, specially made carrier that someone else had left behind (see picture to right). And he didn't even charge us extra for the bigger size! Scoots went off in the new carrier and was much happier.

Since we now had our regular carrier to take on the plane, we had one more item to check in (adding to our two other large suitcases, duffel, and backpacker's backpack). We lucked out again with a great gate agent who didn't charge us extra for the unexpected piece since it was empty.

So, all in all, British Airways saved us $250 on this flight alone.

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