October 10, 2009

Things I find funny (or frustrating, depending on my mood)

We just got a package from Greg's parents that was meant to arrive closer to his birthday, but ended up arriving this week because it was missent to Thailand! Now, I would give money to have someone explain to me how the U.S. Post Office could mistake 'Germany' on a very clearly written address label for 'Thailand.' In any case, we're happy it came because our Flip camera that was broken was returned to us. Only they couldn't fix our actual Flip cam so they sent us a new one to replace the other one! Expect some great videos of Istanbul in a few weeks.

Other than that, I had a good interview yesterday with a online e-books community for a part-time position and am starting to research what I need to get a work permit here. A future employer would have to enclose a letter of intent in the application, and then there's all the usual stuff like copies of passport, visa, and photos. That's all fine, I'm more than happy to oblige.

But then there's a requirement that's thrown me for a loop: a record of good conduct by my local US police department. Huh?!? Because we've been here for a while, I understand the Germans are concerned about security, but it would make more sense to require that for a residence visa, not a work visa. Because once I'm in the country, it might be a tad late to ascertain if I'm a convicted criminal or not.

And according to the German ministry site, the whole process takes 1-3 MONTHS to be processed! 1-3 MONTHS!! I don't even know what else to say about that, it's so unbelievable.

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