February 17, 2010

First Impressions of Prague

After a delayed start to our long weekend, we caught the train to Prague on Saturday evening. It was cold (colder than Munich), but still lovely to walk around amongst all the buildings, each with its own beauty to add to the city. The people were not particularly helpful - we got many blank stares to questions and even had a luggage locker attendant who repeatedly shrugged her shoulders and lifted her hands in antipathy to Greg's requests for change. However, many people knew English and that was a help since we couldn't remember the words quickly enough for thank you (dekuji) or the check please (Uchet prosim) in Czech. Getting an English word out of them was easier than getting a smile or *horror of horrors* a giggle.

Steering clear of Czech food as it is not vegetarian-friendly, we ate at some awesome places - vegetarian hippie place that was actually clean and used their spices in moderation; Spanish tapas (ay, manchego y tortilla espanola); Italian happy hour pizza and pasta; Bohemian Bagels (that's the actual name of the place - great for a bagel fix); and Mexican burritos and quesadillas. Not bad variety for a city! If anyone's going there soon, let me know and I'll hook you up with some names.

And I'll leave you with that because I'm beat and tomorrow is my busy day of the week with German in the morning and work in the afternoon. The one Czech word we were excited to use never came up so I'll use it here: "Ahoy" (hello) as in "ahoy to my bed, good night to you."


  1. Looking forward to saying "Ahoy" to you guys on Skype soon:-)

    Sounds like an interesting place. Sorry the people weren't more friendly, but glad you were able to find some vegetarian food!

  2. Thanks Jan! We were so glad to see you guys on Skype - thanks for introducing Rick and Priscilla to it! It's so nice to see everyone together.