March 18, 2010

The Broomsticks were out!

On the way to my German lessons this morning, I passed by the street cleaning crew. Of course, their orange suits made them stand out, but what really caught my attention was their cleaning equipment - witches' brooms! No joke - the old twigs bundled together into a makeshift broom are how Munich's official street cleaning crews clear the streets of almost nonexistent street trash. I was just hoping one of them would hop on and pretend to fly away all the while cackling, but alas, that never happened. Thankfully, they were focusing on their job to clear away the pebbles Munich uses instead of salt on their sidewalks when it snows. Not pleasant to walk on those with any shoe even remotely not resembling a hiking boot. But so much better for the environment.

Back to the clean-up crew: they also get to drive around in these little bitty cleaning trucks with their witches' brooms sticking out the back. I don't know how many could fit in there, but sounds like a pretty fun circus scenario. I don't miss our car, but I wouldn't mind taking one of those out for a spin. I bet it turns a tight wheelie and parks great.

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