February 10, 2011

Cross-Country Skiing in Oberammergau

Greg and I had a beautiful time cross-country skiing in Oberammergau a few weekends ago. I'm worried that it might have been our last cross-country skiing trip of the season because February already full of other weekend activities and the weather has been spring-like recently. And then it's March, which should technically be spring, right?

It only took us about an hour and 45 minutes to get up there on the train, and the ski rental place was just down the street from the train station. We went with the trail along the river for the first kilometer or so. Then, we were in a flat-ish meadow (which is good for me because I tend to fall when I'm faced with even a slight downhill). With this particular trail, you could get all the way to Ettal, which is a monastery established in the 1300s in a valley amongst the Alps, but we didn't have the steam for it this time. The trail was lovely and quite easy. Nonetheless, people (even the 70+ year old men) were still passing us left and right.

At a good turnaround spot, we stopped at a little restaurant so we decided to stop for drinks and ordered a very good Kaiserschmarrn - a thick, scrambled eggy pancake-esque dessert sprinkled with chopped almonds, raisins and sugar, and served with apple sauce. Maybe it doesn't sound good, but it really is.

And some photos from our first trip there with my family the first summer we were in Munich:

Ettal monastery with Alps in the background

Greg and Gil trying on traditional Bavarian hats

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