August 28, 2011

Where's Scoots?

Scoots is still with my parents in Milwaukee and hopefully not overstaying his welcome (you’ll hear different ideas from my mom and my dad). Both have given him totally random nicknames at this point – JoJo from my mom and Louis from my dad. My dad said he responded just as well to that nickname as to his actual name.

We hope to have him with us by mid-September. There was a problem with his paperwork and the Ecuadorian consulate in Chicago, but I think I have it all worked out. Our apartment just doesn’t feel like home yet without our little fluff ball curling up with us at night and running around in the morning. It's surprising how much having Scoots around is a comfort to us both.

Raise the roof - the 'rents are out of town!
Our apartment does allow cats, but our neighbor, who is the landlord’s brother-in-law, said that the first time the cat meows too loudly, he’ll come and knock. But the second time, he said he’ll come with a baseball bat. I’m sure he’s joking. We haven’t heard our neighbors at all yet so either they tiptoe around or the walls are thicker than they look. Hopefully, Scoots will learn to keep his meows at a minimum. We'll let you all know when Scoots has safely landed and snuggled up in our new home here.

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