March 10, 2012

We could have won a sheep!

When we were in Salinas a few weeks ago, we were approached by one of the cafe owners to participate in a raffle. The benefits were going to a local man who had been hurt in an accident. Naturally, we bought a few.

However, we had ulterior motives - the prizes were: a stove, a sheep and a surprise prize! We had to leave before the raffle was going to be called, but I think we had all pinned our hopes on getting that sheep. Even now, I still wonder what if...
Sheep - 6
photo credit: A Roger Davies from flickr  
Scoots could have had one of these as a buddy living up on the roof!


  1. Or maybe as a bed liner LOL

  2. But you're vegetarian!!
    Personally I would have wanted the surprise prize...