April 1, 2012

Concerts in Quito

No, we haven't yet been to a concert here, but we've heard quite a few. How? Because the main, open-air venue for big shows is the stadium downhill from us. Aerosmith came back in November; Mana was a month ago; and Manu Chao just came 11 days ago. Everytime there's a big show, there's usually fireworks at least at one part and it's really loud.

This last time for the Manu Chao show, they actually did sound checks (or a pre-party was going on unintentionally at the stadium - the rumors abound) between 11:30 and 4 am the night before the show. Most of our friends who live up here were wide awake because of this. I'm still not sure why they did it because the whole next day was taken up with sound checks - the joy of working/studying at home, I guess.

Greg shot this short video during one of the last concerts to illustrate just how loud it is at our place.

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