May 26, 2012


What is a chiva you may be asking yourself? Well, I can't say that it is a Spanish word, because I have never looked it up. However, if I did I think the definition would probably read:

Chiva - an open air bus that has had all of it seats removed to create a dance floor space; hand rails have been added for those unexpected starts and stops so no clients fall out; drinking a warm alcoholic beverage called canelazo is optional; bus must be driven very slowly through the city with loud music and dance club lights flashing.

(Source: Wikipedia - this one's in Queens, NYC!)

However, if you look up "chiva" online, you will see a whole range of pictures - many with a band on top.

Surprisingly, the slow ride was a great way to see the city at night. Quito really gets quiet in most neighborhoods after 10pm and this let us see all of those twinkling streets lights that we stare at each night from our apartment.

Ayelet and I had a great night dancing while celebrating a friend's birthday. I'm glad we hopped on the bus for the chiva party. 

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