November 12, 2009

Being Crafty

It's not easy being a craftster in Germany. There are no big box craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby so if you need something, you have to go to ten different places to find it. One shop might only sell fabric and ribbons; another embroidery thread and hoop; another just beads and jewelry-making materials. I've started to get the idea of who sells what where, but I still have a lot of exploring left to do. In any case, here is a review of my latest creative exploits from the last few months.

Greg's mom sent us a wonderful anniversary present: this fabric of a tree of life (like the one in our wedding huppah). I added some ties to hang it and sewed the edges to turn it into a wall hanging.
I finally did something with all those conkers/buckeye nuts/chestnuts I had. Greg drilled them and then I strung them all up on yarn. I also drew little faces on them, too. They were up near my curtains, but the yarn wasn't strong enough so they fell within the week. I guess I just need something sturdier.

Since we both love pictures, I created this photo hanger for our main room. The great thing is that the photos can be easily changed if we want to move them around or add new ones.
Greg and I collected some branches from fallen trees near my aunt's house and I tied them together with pretty yarn to make a jewelry rack. I used ordinary nails as hangers.

I handwrapped this glass jar with the same yarn to create this little technicolor vase. Here's where I got the idea (I used strong glue instead of a glue gun though)

Ah, my handstitched apron from leftover pillowcases! This one is still a work in progress because Greg ripped a hole in the bottom part of the apron. I found some lovely pink flowery fabric to use in its place though. Greg says he'll still wear it so I might have to upload pictures of him modeling it.

That's it for now! My mom wanted pictures of Scoots so here you go. Big hugs for all!

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