November 4, 2009

Istanbul Art Inspirations

I hope you all are getting a good (if not somewhat roundabout) idea of what our trip was like in Istanbul. One thing I was surprised about was how much I felt inspired as a craftster by the artwork we saw everyday in Istanbul. I took these photos from objects that inspired me in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art. I plan to use them in my latest crafty endeavors--embroidery! I think the interlocking geometric shapes and complex designs could have some really cool uses in hand stitching. I'll make sure to showcase some of my completed projects here in the next few weeks.

And here's my favorite take-home inspiration of all--the beautiful embroidered teal scarf I picked up.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! It looks just like you. I'm dying to go to Istanbul now...

  2. Thanks Lizzie--it's a truly lovely and inspiring place. It really lifts your creative spirit for sure!