May 2, 2010

Erin and Oren's Visit, Part 2

Luckily, we had great weather last week for the few days Erin was still here. Oren has had to suffer the rain this weekend, but oh well! He'll get plenty of sun in Israel, which is his next stop. On Wednesday, we took a trip together to Murnau to see the art museum and the lake, and have a stroll around the town. Afterward, we headed to the Hirschgarten beer garden near our flat to get Erin some real Bavarian sausage before she left. Oren, Greg and I had a picnic dinner at the beer garden, a wonderful tradition that I'm glad has been kept up - you can bring food into the beer garden as long as you buy drinks there. It was a beautiful night to be out and so many people were relaxing with friends there.

Erin left on Thursday morning and Oren headed to Augsburg for a daytrip while Greg and I were at work. On Friday, I worked in the morning from home while Oren walked over to the Nymphenburg palace, which is quite close to our house. After that, we had a shopping day downtown in the pedestrian shopping area. We were thoroughly not impressed with the German sandal fashion since I was on the hunt for sandals to replace my long-worn flip-flops.

Saturday was May Day (Labor day for Germany and apparently, a day notorious for protests as they had some skirmishes in Hamburg). We met our aunt Na'ama, Gil, and their kids, Shay-li, Amit and Yuval, in Viktualienmarket for an outdoor fest with live music and things for the kids to do. Somehow we all came away with handmade buttons (see picture of the cousins below) and a lightweight stone carving made by Amit. Oren, Greg and I hit up a cafe with live music based on a friend's recommendation that night - they had a Spanish band! A little bit of dancing, a little bit of mojito... all was good. And today, Oren braved the rain (and the wild cousins ;-) to go with the family to an art fair in a place called Paffenhauffen (sp?). Just one example of the funny German words and place names we see here. Sounds like someone meant to name the town something else, but because they had food in their mouth, that's what came out instead. Anyway, enjoy a few pics below!

Erin and Scoots communing with nature on our balcony

View of the spring flowers in Murnau

Three of the five cousins at the fest

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