September 23, 2010

Crossing the Street

As I sat on my balcony yesterday taking a break from my work day (at home!), I observed a strange lesson. The kids in the kindergarten across the way were learning how to cross the street. I don't actually remember how I learned how to look both ways and then cross so it was a little fascinating to see how they were doing it.

Holding hands, a pair of blue backpacked little boys looked carefully down one side and then the next for approaching cars. Their teacher was a couple steps behind, allowing them a little independence in their lesson. They had to make the decision for themselves whether it was safe enough to cross. They let quite a few cars pass before a car finally stopped to let them cross the not-so-busy street.

In the end, I think they learned their lesson about being cautious, but I hope for the sakes of their companions that they also eventually learn the lesson of not having to wait for every car within a one mile radius pass before they can cross. I mean, a car four streets down will not hit you as you cross the road - unless you're wearing black at night and it's driving really fast. Just my thoughts yesterday- is it obvious I'm not a parent?!


  1. Ayelet also chooses not to work with kids too often and probably hasn't taken child psychology. Their brains are not so developed yet...they actually think a car "within sight" could hit them.

  2. Actually, I don't know where to thought you. If it was in Israel where it is a national sport to race at kids [old people work just as well] and stop at the last minute [The lauder the screech the better] or in Minnesota where you can conduct a sit-in in the middle of the street and the drivers will just wait.

  3. Neither, Daddy, but it was unusual nonetheless.