September 10, 2010

Traffic Seen from the Tram

Yesterday evening I took the tram home from work, something I only do on sunny days because it's faster to take the underground. I'm glad I did though because there was traffic on the roads and I discovered a new hidden pleasure. Never before have I enjoyed traffic so much! You see, the trams here run on separate tracks so when there's traffic on the roads, they're not affected by it.

I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness of speeding by all those stopped cars with only one or two people in them. Whenever one tried to turn over the tracks and the tram driver layed on the horn (which is no quiet thing), the cars didn't dare move an inch further. It was great! I love living in a city where mass transit is respected and efficient.


  1. And did you yell,"Ha ha, suckers!!!!" As you sped past?

    .... I would've;)