April 8, 2011

It's all different in the second year

Now that we've been here more than a year and a half, it feels like there's been some changes since our first year in Munich.

- I can read the paper much easier now so we have more cool, fun stuff to do on the weekends and at night. In general, I think we know more of the surrounding areas, streets and neighborhoods so it's easier to figure out where things are.

- Greg and I like to meet up midweek to go out to dinner in the city. It's so easy with the metro system and it makes the week go by faster when there's an unexpected meetup. Like this week, Greg suggested the place, found it and took me out for pizza on Thursday night. Very sweet!

- I understand a little bit better what the Germans are saying to me when they ask me questions. I'm still horrible at answering anything beyond the normal questions or if I'm tired/hungry/distracted, but I can give directions, make appointments and order food like a pro.

- I understand that not everyone bags their groceries quickly like I first thought. Now I find that I get impatient when someone takes too long to bag their groceries. It's like c'mon, everyone's going to think I'M the slow one here! I only take pity and relent for the infirm or the elderly - those with children have no excuse. They're never too young to learn the art of fast bagging, in my opinion.

- I am much more accepting of help and of being helpless. I think of myself as a fairly independent person and a strong-minded person as well. But since being here and traveling around (especially in Budapest last month), I've realized there's often times when you are much better off not knowing everything. You might never have found that fantastic restaurant if you didn't lose your way or you may been saddened if you knew exactly what that person was saying to you on the metro. Things like that. :-)

It has been a very fun year and a half - we're counting down the months to our trip back to the US (only 2.5 more) and then our move to Ecuador (4 more...OMG!).

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  1. Hi Ayelet & Greg, I am so proud of you for settling into Germany and finding the little joys that make us all human. Also, I didn't know you were moving to Ecuador!! That's fabulous! I hope you enjoy these next few months. x, Jessica and Chris