May 1, 2011

Walkabout in Rome the Colosseum. 
Anyone that has been to Rome, which includes many of our readers, knows the endless journeys that you could take throughout that city. I would say that I easily clocked at least 5 to 6 hours of walking each day. I literally mean the time moving. I did occasionally stop to sit down, but being by myself, I had no one to slow down what for some can be a tiring pace. the Trevi Fountain.
Many of you know me well enough to know why. It often involves the need to see more, explore further, or just see what is around the bend. Or, it might have meant that I thought food was too expensive and I could seek out a better deal. Gelato for 5 Euros a cone, then 3, I finally got down to 2.50. Best deal I found near the Vatican. Espresso was pretty easy. I think the Italians demand a set price (like Germans with beer) where it never really gets too expensive. Even in museums the cost was only 1 Euro, and boy was it bitter. I wasn't even able to stick to my puritanical coffee ways and had to add a wee bit of sugar.

Rome, however, did allow me lots of time to reflect. Sure, I loved all of the history, food, and wine. But since I was alone I had lots of time to think of my friends and family. That must have happened after walking past the Pantheon for the 4th or was it the 5th time. Pompei. 

...sitting on the Spanish Steps.
Of all of the places I have been in Europe I would put Rome right up there in the top few. If you ever find yourself making choice of going to a big city in Europe, be sure to include Rome. And if you want to be left alone while you are there, were a cat hair covered fleece, carry a cheap cotton bag, and grow out your beard. I found out all of the guys trying to sell stuff, left me entirely alone. Except as I waited for my sleeper train to arrive and read a book at the Rome Termini, I did have a guy pour half his beer into my empty wine bottle before saying arrivederci, for now.
...found some bearded friends. San Pietro (Vatican)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed my favourite city and had time to stop and smell the coffee!!
    I will leave the beard growing to Malcolm though... I hope you threw your coin in the Trevi fountain.