November 9, 2011

Birds of Paradise

 What are you looking at?
Collared Trogon

Well, there were birds that looked familiar. 
White-edged Oriole 

 And lots of bird watching posturing going on.
Greg and Hannah
 We spotted the endemic and threatened.
Baudo Guan
 There were plenty of toucan sightings.
Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
 And a lucky find in a cliff upon the advice of a local.
Female Cock of the Rocks
 Can you even find this one?
Lineated Woodpecker
 Even Ayelet was excited about this adventure. I knew she always liked birding deep down.
Topical Kingbird
This is a short list of all the birds that we saw in Mindo over our 3rd anniversary get away. Ayelet and I saw so many birds during our visit that we could not possibly have had the camera ready enough. For all of you amateur photographers, a short word of advice. We were able to capture all of these close ups by taking pictures through the spotting scope of our bird guide. I learned the technique in science class by taking pictures through the microscope. It was a great way to capture everything that didn't fly away after a few seconds. This morning of birding has motivated me to go out more for this old favorite leisure activity of mine. You have not seen the end of the birds in Ecuador.

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