November 19, 2011

Funny Things We See Sold

There's a new level of street vendors here in Quito - literally "in the street" vendors and guys who get on the buses. These are the people who go from car to car when traffic has stopped or they climb aboard even packed buses to shout out what awesome item they have to sell. Some of what they sell makes sense, but some is very odd. Here is a list of what we've seen sold on the street so far:

  • Balsa wood toy ships (already created)
  • Clementines and other fruit
  • TV antennas 
  • Car accessories such as steering wheel grip enhancers and rubber mats for the floor of the car
  • Refilled bottles of strange colored liquid 
  • Tea towels
  • Pastry items such as palmitas and bizcochos
  • Potato chips and banana chips ("chifles" as they are called here)
  • Newspapers
  • Hard candies of different varieties
  • Big paintings (3 ft. by 5 ft. painting - and he only had one!)
  • Fake DVDs and CDs
  • Puppies and kitties (we haven't seen them sold on the street exactly, but usually they're on the sidewalk or in the middle area of a busy boulevard so theoretically if someone in a car wanted one...)
  • Bags of chopped up yuca (I still don't know what people do with this)
  • Sandwiches (usually sold by a kid who has smushed it beyond recognition)
I'll update Facebook when I see something new or interesting being sold on the street so you guys can join in our amazement.

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