August 2, 2012

Yoga Retreat in Mindo

I've been lucky to get in with a group of yogis at the local international school called Academia Cotopaxi. They meet every Thursday after school and it's only a 30 minute walk from our apartment.

When one of the ladies suggested a yoga retreat in Mindo at the end of the year, I was all for it. You may remember Mindo was one of our first trips last year and it was great to be back.

The yoga instructor is a teacher from Alaska and she taught 2 2-hour classes during the weekend. The rest of the time we hiked, read, played games, and basically chilled out. Quito can be hectic, noisy and crowded so getting to this eco lodge (El Monte) was wonderful. I'm looking forward to next year's retreat already!

Cool wood table and stump chairs with native fabric padding.

 Yes, that is a tree growing out of the floor.

We took over this space for our yoga classes and we just barely fit!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner was included - and it was delicious!
This little guy fell in love with my shoes on the last day.
Sorry bud - Scoots would eat you if you came home with me!

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