August 26, 2012

Intrepid is Impressive

Hey readers,

We have been gone for a while. Away from home and the blog. But after a long vacation to see family in the United States, we are back and full of stories. Aside from seeing family, I (Greg) was most excited to visit New York City. As I have told many people, I had visited NYC once as a kid 20 years ago. I came from a small town in central Wisconsin were the tallest building was about 5 stories high. On that trip, we arrived to Grand Central Station on the Amtrak. The instant my family walked out of the station I was overwhelmed by the tall buildings, a mugging of a handicapped person right in front of me, police on horses, and what seemed like my parents disappeared in all of this big city chaos.

That city of chaos image was in the back of my head as we flew in to NYC, however, we have lived in enough big cities now for 10 years so that I had a good feeling the city would feel very normal to me. In fact, Ayelet and I had to do one of our new travel approaches of divide and conquer since we admit to having a variety of interests to satisfy. That allowed me to really take in the city that scared me as a child and experience it from a whole different perspective.

My main stop was to go to the Intrepid Museum and see the new display of the Enterprise Space Shuttle.

Like everything in NYC, this display was impressive and over the top. The Intrepid Museum is one of a kind. It is a museum dedicated to aircraft and is housed on and in a retired Navy aircraft carrier.

Not only does this museum showcase a wide range of flying things, but you can get great city views from this angular piece of floating crafted metal.

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