September 6, 2012

Howdy from Texas!

We're not really in Texas right now - I'm sitting here back in Quito. Over lunch today, we were talking about what blog posts we wanted to write about our US trip this summer and I decided to write about what a culture shock it is to go to Texas.

First, the people. How nice are they?! So nice. After 5 days in New York City, Dallas was a breath of fresh,  Southern air. Not only were my sister-in-law's friends super helpful and sweet, but that sweetness was infectious.

"What can I get you today darlin'?" "Honey, isn't it a hot one out there?"

I felt if we stayed another two weeks, I would have developed a pretty realistic Southern drawl.

We were the part of the daycare, cleaning service and chefs for the two weeks we were there, and it was a blast. Greg and Priscilla would manage the kids in the morning while I worked. They had fun times at the library and the splash park (Greg may have enjoyed that more than the kids).

In the afternoons, we'd take them to the pool, play games, throw basketballs with our nephew Jake, make up songs, play with toys, take our niece Abby to her soccer practice, and more. We even got out for a night of fireworks while we were there! 

It was a gift to have the time to spend with our niece and nephew while they're growing up. Pretty soon, they'll be learning how to drive and going off to college.

Jake and Priscilla

This soccer game took place at their church's gym so yes, prayer was involved.

Abby and Jake loving the wading pool in the backyard.

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