April 12, 2013

Riobamba, Frio-bamba

Riobamba was our overnight stop on our weekend trip with our friends. Having never been there before, we had only heard it was really cold there. The whole night we kept asking ourselves if it felt colder than Quito or not. Hard to tell! 

We didn't do a whole lot in Riobamba, except walk around a bit and eat dinner. This church stood out though. The info poster called it a mestizo baroque church. 

As you walk closer to it, you can definitely see both styles in it. There are quite a few pre-Colombian symbols on it and it is quite overdone in areas, which indicates baroque style. Many Latin American countries like their baroque style, but Ecuador does go a bit overboard with it. Most of the churches in Quito have baroque touches to them. 

Of course, any church worth its communion host has its additional structures outside: 

a lovely fountain before the church

detail on the fountain

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