April 24, 2013

Great Day in Quito

You know when you have those days where you just feel like you need to be outside. Well, the weather in Quito usually pretty good, but today was PERFECT! I know, talking about the weather is a little clique, but after a week of rain you would feel invigorated too. Ayelet and I enjoyed a warm walk in park today as the Sun set behind Pichincha (you've seen it in previous posts).

Now, luckily I am in a career that allows me to get outside as much as needed. And today just happened to be a day that we needed a 70 meter long stretch of grass. My middle school students were doing a lesson that I like to call "Space Race," where they create a scale model of our solar system. Here is a little taste of our backdrop from school on a clear day from Quito after a long stretch of snow being dumped on the mountains. Remember, we are surrounded by a bunch of old volcanoes that create amazing views.

Cayambe (the pointy one in the next few pics)
View from my classroom
Students setting up the inner solar system. The tree is the Sun. 
On our scale, Neptune is 60 meters from the Sun
Everyone enjoyed the view. 
Mars was 3 meters from the Sun. 
Antisana from my class. Supplies about 10% of water to Quito. 

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