August 12, 2009

Eichstatt: Vacation with the family

We started off our trip last weekend by breaking our never-again-canoeing-together rule. And now we remember that that rule had been in place for a reason. We spent the first part of the afternoon sideways on the river. Luckily, because we were rowing with kids, we placed the blame on them and changed up the canoe configuration for the second half of the trip.

Later after a quiet dinner out in one of Eichstatt's plazas, we met the family back at our six-bunk bedroom at the youth hostel.
The next morning, we headed out for an all-age excitement tour of a quarry where we hunted for fossils. Greg walked away with a slab of fossilized worm poop. And Ayelet is amazed that none of the kids or adults injured themselves with the hammers and metal chisels.

Our group of six adults and six kids then went for an afternoon hike before we headed back to Munich and settled into our new apartment. We've spent the days since the weekend putting together furniture, cleaning, and getting Scoots used to the new place after having multiple homes over the last 4 weeks. Looks like he's happy here.


  1. What fun! Fossilized worm poop huh? :) Glad to see you're doing well and that scoots is happy! Good luck next week at work Greg! We miss you at Mrachek!

  2. And we're going to use the fossilized worm poop one as a hot plate. I can just imagine the dinner conversation. :-)