August 2, 2009

Morning beer with the teachers

Today Greg and I woke up with sore throats and headaches, but not even the common German cold was going to keep us from meeting some new teachers out for beers and snacks at the Englischer Garden's Chinese Tower biergarten. It was a perfect day for it and we met Greg's new teaching colleagues and the directors of the school under the shaded canopy of the biergarten's chestnut trees. We met a new teacher who was from Mequon, WI, and others from Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.
We even got a HUGE pretzel. As you can see, it was bigger than my head.

Tomorrow we're going to move into our new apartment and set up all the light fixtures. German apartments rarely have the light fixtures in the apartments (and often don't have the kitchen appliances or cabinets in as well--but luckily, we made it mandatory to have one). We've already done one IKEA run and managed to fit three bookcases, a desk, a fully-assembled large table, all of our lights, and everything else you need for an apartment in my aunt Na'ama's van. I still don't know quite how we did it.

This week, we're searching for a bed, futon, washer, bikes, and internet/phone. Oh, and figuring out our banking situation as the Germans don't take our credit cards, only their bank account cards or cash. Ahhhh, the practical joys of living in a foreign country! ;-)

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