August 20, 2009

New clock and good luck cookie

Of all the things I set out to get yesterday to put the finishing touches on our home, this is what I actually ended up buying. I love it--we showed it to the new teachers at the biergarten yesterday and people had a hayday with it! One teacher suggested glazing fruit and sticking them on the forks so that we could say "Honey, we've got to get going, it's almost strawberry o'clock!" And there were more comments and funny looks, but it's such a perfect clock for us, I don't even care!

Greg came home with a lebkuchen, although my aunt Na'ama had warned me that you're not supposed to eat the cookie because they can be months (if not years) old. We've seen them all over and MunichDailyPhoto has a great post about them here. Apparently, this cookie inspired the story about Hansel and Gretel. I'm pretty sure Greg's says All is Good. Let's hope as he starts school next week that all is in fact good.

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