January 17, 2010

Cross-Country Skiing in Lenggries

We enjoyed a fantastic day cross-country skiing in Lenggries and we actually took along the video cam! Unfortunately, there's no footage of me wiping out, but trust me, I did... quite a few times. But Craig, a teacher friend who came along with his wife Sophie, also fell at the end (and he's Canadian so that's got to be a big disgrace to his country ;-).

We took a train out to Lenggries, which is only an hour away from Munich and has a few downhill ski hills as well. We did about 11 km of the cross-country skiing trails, which were all laid down by a caretaker and previous skiers. There were two tracks for what they call "classic" cross-country skiers, which was what we were doing. And then a trail for "skate" skiing on the side. This was more popular amongst the Germans - this was good for us because it was much less busy on the classic trails then.

Anyway, here's a mini-video Greg shot of us going down a minor hill. Enjoy!

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