January 20, 2010

Dogs in Munich

The best adjective to describe dogs in Munich is well-trained. One of the first weeks we were here, we went to the shopping mall and were astounded by all the dogs walking around without leashes and at a respectful, although close distance to their owners. No barking, no pooping, no shenanigans. We're still amazed by these dogs.

They train their dogs hard, but they love them, too. Our neighbors once brought their dog out to dinner with us. He sat on the bench they sat on with his little blankie, curled up and sleeping for most of the dinner. The restaurant owners didn't even look twice at him. Granted he's a little wiry-haired weiner dog, but still! Lately, I've seen his wide array of coats, which is not unusual for the dogs here or in Italy. A little more rough-and-tough style coats here; chic, trendy dog coats in Italy.

And today I saw a white and black dog in a cloth bag, hanging from the back of a lady's wheelchair. My question is: how did he get there?!? The lady obviously couldn't put him in because she was in the wheelchair and there was no way for him to just jump in. The fact that he stayed put and didn't go around chasing squirrels or whatever was unbelievable. Now that I think about it though, he could have been disabled too. Maybe he lives his life in that cloth bag on the back of that lady's wheelchair?

When you get a dog that misbehaves, it's such a relief! Yesterday, I saw a shaggy dog waiting outside the supermarket. Everytime the sliding doors would open, he would howl with a full-head tilt back. He'd quiet down until the next time the doors would open and then he'd start again. The lady in front of me turned around and said (what I'd like to think she said because I really have no clue) 'boy, that one has some separation anxiety.'

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