January 11, 2010

Schnee-Biking Craziests

I know, I know... you all will stop reading if I keep talking about the weather. But today it was kind of exciting. We finally got the snow we were supposed to get this weekend! But the really exciting part is that I got to see all the crazies who come with the snow. Very specific crazies, indeed!! The biking enthusiasts who bike in the snow without snow tires.

It might even indicate something to you that I even knew there were snow tires for bikes. Even the postman delivered his mail on the bike today, although his is more of a tricycle with a box in the front and back for the mail. But he usually does that so that's not very exciting and I was not worried about his traction. On a side note, the postal system is fabulous here - so quick! And the post office people seem like they actually don't mind their jobs either.

In any case, biking in the snow without a helmut is not something I'm going to try any time soon. The idea of face-planting in a slushy, pebbly sidewalk appeals to me as much as "a stick in the eye" (as Greg would say, although now he's ranting about how the phrase shouldn't be used that way).

Oh well, that's us for you - traditional linguist vs. modern linguist. ;-)

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