November 5, 2010

Pictures from Lindau

Greg and I spent our second anniversary on the island of Lindau, about 3 hours away from Munich by train. It was fabulous - the weather was on our side, a little chilly as you'll see we're quite bundled up, but sunny. The fall colors were out and I couldn't get enough pictures of them. You can check out all our photos in the photo album on facebook.

We had two days in Lindau, which was more than enough to stroll around the island, walk along the lakefront and even take in the museum. Check out the video we took from a vintage music machine (from the 1880s!) while in that museum:

Plus an insert from Greg: Lindau was a great place as you can see from the photos. A very walkable and restaurant friendly place. We covered the whole island a few times. One word of warning though, just try not to let your wife chat with too many other dudes along the way. We had a great anniversary!
(on Bavaria's "largest" island)

(not too worried about this guy)

(this shaker is a whole different story)

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