June 19, 2011

Triberg: Our Last Trip in Germany

As our last trip in Germany for what could be a long while, we chose to visit the Black Forest; in particular, the town of Triberg. It's this beautiful, quiet town nestled in the valley between a few hills. It's well-known for its Black Forest cake (see the next paragraph), tallest waterfall in Germany (it was just ehh) and cuckoo clocks (all you get to see is a raggedy bird when it hits the hour). By the end of our trip, we probably knew every nook and cranny of Triberg because it's that small.

Before I've taken a bite...
The very first thing we did was try the famous Black Forest cake that apparently originated from the Schaeffer bakery. Greg liked it, but would have preferred a good piece of chocolate or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I was not a big fan either - not enough cherries in my opinion (I counted a paltry 4 cherries in a large slice) and I think I reeked of cherry liquor after eating it.

Windmills dotted the hills -
Greg was very happy!
On Saturday, we head to a small lake in the hills around Schonach, a nearby bigger town. We got a little turned around, but then found the signs we had to follow to get there. After seeing the lake (which was more of a pond in my book), we wandered through picturesque surroundings back to Triberg.

Wooden faces in Schonach
Stopping for a snack at one of the little restaurants along the way, we watched a llama cause chaos in the valley below us. All the other llamas found the gate to the field across the road, but this one was not the brightest. It wandered up and down the road while cars patiently waited for it to find its way. Eventually, a brave driver herded him towards the gate and he joined his buddies. However, I could tell this was the big event of the day because everyone talked about "die Llama auf den Strasse" for the rest of the time we were there.

Triberg and the Black Forest was a great place to end our German adventure because we got to do all the things we've loved to do here: 
  • eat cake
  • hike around beautiful scenery easily
  • travel by train to the town
  • visit obscure town museums - we usually find something interesting and lots to giggle at! (crazy mannequins in the Triberg one)
  • relax and just enjoy the moments!

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