July 27, 2011

The Golz Family Takes on Door County

The Door County trip has become a tradition for the Golz family. For many years, our shrinking and then growing family has attempted to get together in the big Wisconsin peninsula in order to bond. This bonding may look different to an outsider, but for me (Greg) and now Ayelet, we know what to expect.

For example, my dad and his siblings always come prepared with their own travel coolers. To this day, I’m still not sure why that is. We always grab lunch at Al Johnson’s, a Swedish-themed restaurant with a grass roof mowed by goats. Sometime we gather at the beach. Luckily the weather is great there in the summer and the shallow water is pleasantly warm.

For more lively (or dangerous depending on who joins in) entertainment, we let Uncle Weeds try to run us off the go cart track or beat us in a game of mini-golf. The nights literally come to a crescendo when many of us gather up our coins and have an intense evening of card games. We’re not a quiet family. Now there are plenty more women and children in the family than before with the additions of my niece Abby and nephew Jake, my sister-in-law Jan, Ayelet, and my cousins’ wives (Beth) and fiancĂ©es (Kelly and Maggie). The ladies had their own quiet evening of wine and chatting while avoiding the ruckus of the card games.

Sorry I did not have the pic with cousin Sara

Ayelet and I were very pleased to make it back for the 2011 family reunion and look forward to this trip for many years to come.

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