July 29, 2011

Guess Where?

When driving down the interstate like a plant in a greenhouse, you get the feeling of being cooked because of the heat. As Ayelet and I were heading west on I-80, we looked at a wayside map to figure out where some water might be on our drive through Nebraska. We found a small park called Johnson Lake. After a stretch of our legs, we needed to get back on the road so we could meet our friends in Colorado. Rather than going back to the interstate we headed south toward Kansas…that is your first hint to guessing the city we were in.

While driving, we started to only get country music stations on the radio. The twangy melodies were occasionally interrupted with important trade updates on the prices of corn, soy, and wheat. That was followed by the overall value of the DOW. It made sense as we had been driving on a corn-walled highway.

We were low on gas and needed to stop in the next town. As we slowed down I noticed a sign saying we had entered “The Home of the World BB Gun Championship.” We had indeed entered a whole new world.

I was most interested in the colorful back window of a truck at the gas station. The collection of stickers was __________ (there are too many possible words to put here so fill in the blank on your own). The collection that I could read included: a message from Jesus, an NRA membership sticker, an acronym using the name OBAMA (with the M standing for “mistake”), and a handful of others I couldn’t quite read.

Anyway, after getting back on the highway, we began to see signs for a monument/museum called “Last Indian Raid on Kansas Soil.” Unfortunately we did not stop, but the title really seems to convey the purpose. With all those clues, can anyone guess where we stopped or what highway we were driving on? Answer posted below this picture

We were at the junction in Norton, Kansas, to pick up Highway 36. It was beautiful countryside; just watch out for all of the combines that look like something from a scary alien movie.

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