July 14, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Trips in Germany

Unlike the list of our favorite international trips, this list was harder to rank because we loved each of these places for different reasons. Here are our favorite trips in Germany:

Ahhh, chilly, frosty Berlin! The nonconformity and edge of the people in Berlin was in such contrast to the conservative nature of Munich - it was so refreshing. If you're looking for a place to visit with great museums, food and design inspiration, Berlin should be on your list.

Don't let the snow in these pictures scare you - it's probably gorgeous May through October.


The harbor at dusk

Greg planned this trip on his own for our second anniversary in November. It was the perfect time to visit because the folliage was beautiful and Lindau was quieter than it probably was in the summer. To get to the city, the train crossed a bridge across a section of the lake and Lindau looks just magical. Most of the weekend was spent walking around the small city and Lake Constance, but we did also check out their fabulous museum while there.


One of Nuremberg's fountains

Greg calls this city "the city of fountains" because there were really so many fountains, including a huge, amazing one featuring various sins like gluttony, avarice, hatred, etc. Of course, there were many other things to see in the town, but that and the house of Alfred Durer, a painter, stuck with us.

During the war, the city was almost completely wiped out, but they did a wonderful job rebuilding it and making it look like it did in the pre-war days. This was a very fun place to walk around in and they also have a few good museums... and supposedly an amazing Christmas market, but we didn't see it.


We saw Bayerischzell first in the winter when we went cross-country skiing and loved it. The track was fantastic and wound its way by a river and through a plain, ending with a warm plate of kaiser schwarm at a local restaurant.

I think Bayerischzell was the best cross-country skiing we did while in Germany and it was too bad we found it so late. At least we have the memories!

Unlike our other vacations on this list, this trip we took with our family that lived there - my aunt Na'ama and uncle Gil, and their kids: Shai-Li, Amit and Yuval, and their friends. It was a full weekend with canoeing, exploring ruins, hikes with kid-and-Greg-friendly activities, and chipping away for fossils. When we eventually have a home in the US, ask us to show you our fossilized worm poop slate.

I think this trip was important for us because it was our first and we really bonded with our family through it. Greg hardly knew my family at that point and it was a pretty quick way for him to get to know them all. The German-Portuguese family that also came with filled us in on the history of the area we were in and about Germany in general. It's hard to believe that we took this trip in August of 2009 and we had just moved to Germany a few weeks before. 

Greg swinging across a murky pond

Our canoe, which was always the last one in


  1. Hi Ayelet and Greg.

    You have been giving us your top 5 lists so I though I would send you my top 10 of Goin’ Walkabout (in chronological order only)

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2009
    Fastest bagger in the West(ern Europe, that is)
    So glad to read my own experiences written up.

    FEBRUARY 1, 2010
    Birthday Week Successfully Completed
    First Games night – so much fun but was a tie with:

    JUNE 6, 2010
    Enchilada night!
    Another great Games night with amazing American cheddar cheese – I’ll stick to the British.

    MAY 10, 2010
    Lovely Day in Botanical Gardens
    Thanks for sharing – we went very soon after.

    JUNE 20, 2010
    Strawberry Pickin' with Grandma/Safta
    Just because I love the thought (and picture) of Greg squatting down and eating as many strawberries as he can and still being amazed that he was allowed to.

    JULY 10, 2010
    Vague Feeling of Impending Doom
    Now you know how I feel driving here.

    AUGUST 3, 2010
    Traveller's Cheques - "Not" Accepted Everywhere
    No particular reason – I just laughed and still quote this.

    NOVEMBER 5, 2010
    Pictures from Lindau
    Another great idea – we went 6 weeks later.

    DECEMBER 27, 2010
    Cross-Country Skiing in Bayerischzell
    An idea for next winter – thanks.

    JANUARY 12, 2011
    Comparing Munich and Berlin
    We want to get to Berlin and I really enjoyed hearing your experience. Anywhere you have been and enjoyed has always been a great recommendations..

    Enjoyed your blog so much – thanks for sharing.
    Ingrid and Malcolm

  2. Thanks Malcolm and Ingrid - I loved your list! It's nice to know what others like. :-)