June 6, 2010

Enchilada night!

Some of you might know our fondness for enchiladas - the green salsa-smothered, tortilla-filled, beans-and-rice overflowing, amazing wonderfulness that are enchiladas. We will be eternally thankful to my friend Laura Z. who showed me how to make them a few years ago. When I was in New York, I bought some of the essentials that we could not find here in Munich - salsa verde and cheddar. Sadly, I didn't buy the right queso fresco.

The cheddar turned out to be the butt of all the jokes last night as we introduced our vegetarian enchiladas to our friends, Ingrid and Malcolm from Australia and Sophie from France and her husband Craig from Canada. The "glow in the dark" color was what put them off. I noted however that everyone ate their enchiladas filled with cheddar with delight. And since Ingrid and Malcolm teased me last night that I haven't posted anything on the blog in a while (it's been a crazy few weeks), I've dedicated this post to them. 
Malcolm falling asleep after doing all the dishes and having no interest in TransAmerica... Scoots looks worried about the crazy old man asleep on his sofa. ;-)

Greg, Sophie and Ingrid packing up TransAmerica for the night... Greg was the victor last night!

Scoots airing his belly on the balcony during the warm day we had yesterday

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