June 28, 2010

World Cup Fever

As you might know, Germany beat England yesterday 4:1 in the World Cup. What you may not know is that the rest of the afternoon all you could hear were the vuvus, air horns and car horns blaring in the streets. We even saw a guy sitting in his car, presumably waiting for a friend, outside of our building with a megaphone raised halfway up to his mouth. I gave him a stern look like "buddy, don't even try it - I've got your license plate memorized already." Come on, it's a residential area - only a jerk would go shout on his megaphone. He quite sheepishly put it away.

But it's been fun to be caught up in the World Cup fever since in the USA, there's not that big of a following. Even with the home team out of the games, we'll probably still go watch some games (I'm cheering for a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking team to win!). 

Vuvuzelas weren't allowed in the Hirschgarten biergarten during the game between Ghana and Germany last week. Security made the people who tried to bring them in write their names on their vuvus in the hopes of getting them back at the end. Considering German organization here, they might just have gotten everyone's vuvus back to the right person.

 The Ghana-Germany game was pretty low-key, but we saw at least one German mohawk thingy, proving that football fashion taste is nonexistent, but hilarious the world over.


  1. That sounds so cool to get caught up in the World Cup games! We've watched a little of that here and even Abby enjoys watching a little soccer (a few minutes at a time....toddlers and their attention spans:-)

  2. Yeah, it's been a lot of fun! I wish it caught on more in the States because I think soccer is so much more fun to watch than football!