June 25, 2010

Jane Goodall Speaks in Munich

Blog post by Greg:
Ten years ago, listening to a lecture about science meant that I was going to class. Now, when the opportunity arises to hear a professional speak, I get to transport back to those college days. Well, sort of…
Dr. Goodall showed up in Munich mainly to promote her new movie, Jane’s Journey (trailer). Her message throughout the night was that we are such an intelligent species and yet we make harmful choices each day.

The lecture was all about getting involved and making a difference. It was a great evening of video from her new movie with Dr. Goodall setting the scene and a guitar player to fill in with music between each of the clips.

“Remember, every single day you live you make a difference. You impact the world.”
If you have a moment, take a second to reflect on what eco-friendly changes you could make. If you really want some simple ideas*, just email me. Ayelet would probably like me to have an outlet for my ideas since she gets to hear them each day.

*Editor's note: We'll probably be posting a post soon about what crazy eco-friendly things we do around the house that make a difference.

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