June 30, 2010

Painting Pottery for Shai-Li's Belated Birthday

Greg and Shai-Li hard at work - or wait, did Greg even start yet? He definitely was the most meticulous of the group.

For my cousin Shai-Li's birthday (um, last September), we promised to take her for a day out without her brothers and parents. At first we thought a movie, but there were no good ones. My aunt suggested pottery painting and it was tons of fun! We had lunch before, which was good because it took us hours to paint.

I had taken a pottery course in college where you did everything from mixing the clay to creating the piece to painting it to firing it and then cleaning yourself and everything that was on you for days because clay gets everywhere. I'm glad to say that this was much easier! The hardest part was picking a piece and thinking of a design, but they had stencils and inspiring photos to help.

Greg and I were pretty excited.

Shai-Li picked a small plate, Greg a cup and I picked a bowl (because I had broken one just the week before). Now we just have to wait a week for them to fire the pieces and then they're ready to use! I'll try to post after pictures for you all.

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