July 2, 2010

One Year Finished

As my first year at B.I.S. comes to a close, I would like to reminisce on some of the highlights that I probably should have shared with our friends and family more frequently. It has been a memorable year in my little country school tucked in between farms, rivers, and of course a local brewery. Some of the photos are from the school website.

So I finally had a classroom that was a real science lab in the new wing of the school. Unfortunately with our final grade 7 classes in chemistry I realized the fire alarms are too sensitive - I set off the prealarms twice and got a firm talking to from our building manager.
We often were treated to beer at work, yes, in the school. I'm guessing that is a local thing.

For one whole week, I got to once again work as a "camp counselor" with my students. We were bussed off to the Austrian Alps and go to snowshoe over a mountain pass in October.

I like getting my students outside to perform science and we often would be out around the schloss (the castle part of the school) doing some lab activity. For example I had students dig bugs out of this planter to measure differences in bugs speeds compared to design.

So, one busy year down. Yes, at the age of 30 I still have a year that runs from August to June just like it has since I was 5.

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