September 9, 2009

Accidental Coin Flip

*Not sure if this went out already or not as Blogger was doing wierd things yesterday. If so, sorry! If not, then enjoy!*

Another thing I learned yesterday was how to have my little cart coin not flip out on to the sidewalk. They lock up their carts here and you can only use them if you put in a euro (you get it back when you return it) or have a cart coin. I got a really fancy one from the school (see to the right), but it is so lightweight that it ends up flipping all over the place when I try to take it out of the cart thing. So I'm constantly scrambling around on the floor for it. I figured out (yeah, I'm a bright one) that you just have to put your thumb on the side of the place where it comes out and that stops the reflex. So no more looking like an idiot for me.

Tomorrow I'm sure I'll find something else to make me look like a dumb foreigner.

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