September 2, 2009


We got visitors yesterday from Milwaukee--Jess and Chris--on their honeymoon through Europe. Here's a pic of them in Marienplatz in front of the city government building and Glockenspiel:I think I've fooled them into thinking I know stuff about Munich. Either that or they're just being polite. We tried to go to a vegetarian place (the one that gives big entrees and a free piece of cake afterwards), but it was closed. We ended up in a bistro called Colours, a restaurant of lifestyle (which translates to a restaurant specifically for gay men or artistic types because there were huge photographs of men in interesting poses and outfits on the walls). The food was great and the waiter spoke perfect English, which is always a plus.

Then we walked from Karlsplatz, which has a fantastic fountain that one can walk through, to Marienplatz, stopping for some shoe gazing along the way. We did see the Marienplatz clock in action with the music and twirling dolls. Unfortunately, the video from my camera is too grainy to show. Afterwards, we took a quick walk through the Viktualienmarket and then headed home. Chris and Jess wanted to experience the biergarten so we headed to the Hirschgarten's biergarten. It was PACKED yesterday, but wonderful to be with all the people, hanging out. Looking forward to showing more visitors around!

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