September 8, 2009

Midafternoon break with other HF

Before we moved to Munich, we found a wonderful online forum community called Toytown Germany (probably is in our blogroll to the right). Anyway, the community organizes all sorts of meetups for different types of people. On Friday night, we met up with the American stammtisch (meetup) at the Hard Rock Cafe for drinks and apps.

Today, I went to the meetup of the League of Accidental HausFrauen (housewives). While this might bring to mind women from the 50s wearing cute, frilly aprons or the incredibly good-looking, but unreal housewives of the Desperate Housewives show, this was neither of those *thankfully*. The LOAHF-ers are actually a really cool, interesting group of well-educated women who happened to have followed their husbands to Germany and now find themselves without full-time employment. Some work part-time with casual jobs or consult for places back in their home countries.

To give you an idea of the variety, we had a lawyer from Chicago, a former philosophy major from Ireland, an interior designer from Hawaii who's going back to design a multi-million dollar home (no, she doesn't need an assistant), a consultant from Seattle, a woman from Iceland who just went to a gorgeous house made from clay and handmade tiles (and showed us pictures), and another woman who is thinking about sub-ing at the school Greg teaches at. And there are a couple more I didn't talk to so I don't know interesting bits about them.

Every week they go to a different cafe and end up talking for hours. Today's cafe was overlooking the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz--we were eye-level with the dancing figures! I had a sour cherry and nut cake (sorry I don't have a pic) that was really delicious. So, today at least, I did not feel antsy about not having a job yet because I met these wonderful ladies and am looking forward to seeing them again sometime soon.

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