September 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend last weekend with my little cousin's birthday party on a beautiful Sunday. Here's a photo of the birthday boy:And here are some more random pictures since I haven't put any up in a while. Notice the swollen eye on me--Greg thinks it was stress-induced, but I disagree, just don't have any good theories yet. This was a walk around a garden in town after surviving the American consulate.

We went in and felt like it definitely wasn't the welcoming, hospitable place it perhaps once was. They're even pissing off the locals with refusing to hold visitors' laptops at their security spot and instead directing people to store their stuff in a local museum. The museum lady had a thing or two to say about that, ending with "just typical of the Americans to behave such a way. If any of those bags have bombs in them, it wouldn't matter to them if a museum is blown up." She wasn't mad at us, mind you--just the consulate security guy who in fact was German. Point for the lady in the museum, zero for American consulate.
Beautiful church on Leopoldstrasse before a street fair started. Thankfully, the clouds parted and we had nice weather that afternoon.
A picture of my lovely bike, which the salesman politely referred to as "the one that probably won't get stolen." It's kickin' it old school and I love it! Now let's just hope it makes it for 2 years!
Circus Krone is a local concert hall. The outside is so funky with its old sign and lamp posts. I wouldn't be surprised if a clown jumped out at me from behind a poster or something. It'd be nice to go there at night sometime when they have a show to see what it looks like all lit up.
I've been like a little squirrel lately, picking up these nuts off the ground. My Irish friend calls them conkers, but I highly doubt that's the proper term. They fall off the tree in this crazy spiked fruit and have such a simple, beautiful wood grain and finish to them, I can't resist. I'd love it if any craftsters out there have an idea of what to make with them. I'll keep looking, but please send ideas my way!!

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  1. Ayelet,
    Those are BUCKEYE NUTS! They are the state nut of Ohio, and come from the state tree - the Buckeye. They are poisonous so don't eat them. As for crafts - at OSU we string them and wear them as a necklace on gamedays. :) They will bring you good luck.