September 24, 2009

Cake for Lunch

I'm going to start off with the best part of my day yesterday (and this part will probably make some people cringe and some people jealous): I had cake for lunch and nothing else! It was a delightful hazelnut torte. I shared it with three others, meaning I got to taste theirs too: blackberry streusel-topped cake, marzipan-covered white cake, and a layered apple cheese pie topped with almonds. I even took a picture so this day could live on on this blog:

My aunt Na'ama, her friend Marlene, my friend Sophie, and I went on a day trip yesterday to Schliersee and Spitzingsee area.

We started off the day with a quick cafe und tee stop on the shores of Schliersee. The fog was rolling off the lake and it made for some awesome photos.

Then, we hiked around the Spitzingsee (see means lake). On the way, we ran into some cows who were crossing (or rather, standing in the middle of) the trail. A few of them still had shorter horns on, but man, are those things menacing when they look at you sideways like that!

I included them in the photos because they were a nice part of the hike. Everywhere you could hear the cowbells (I think we need more cowbell kept jumping to mind) ringing and jingling. It was distracting music to keep my mind off my huffing and puffing (yeah, I haven't joined a gym yet).

After our hike, we had our cake reward. Na'ama's friends do day hikes every once in a while so I'm looking forward to future ones as a fun way for me to see the countryside more. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous and it was a fantastisch day!
p.s. Greg and I are taking a surprise trip for his birthday this weekend. I'll post pictures and updates once we're back. Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Having seen the cake and views Malcolm is even more miffed