July 31, 2010

Munich and Salzburg with Greg's Parents and Aunt

Sorry for the late blog posts - we had them scheduled to go up while we were in Croatia, but for some reason, that never happened. Hope you enjoy our belated posts anyway!

Prosting to the last night in Munich!

We must apologize for the lack of blog posts because we had guests in town - Greg's parents and aunt were visiting us the last ten days or so. And what a whirlwind it was! I showed Priscilla, Rick and Kathy around Munich when they first arrived because Greg was at a workshop in London (here are Part I and II in case you missed Greg's posts).

I fear I might have walked them too much in the hopes that the jet lag would skip over them, but they took it all in stride - we took in the old city, Marienplatz, Residenz, Dachau concentration camp, Nymphenburg palace, Pinakothek der Moderne (modern museum) and had our fill of gelato!

Once Greg returned, they were off to Prague and Vienna for a few days each. Greg will have to go into more details about that part (and maybe we'll even get a belated guest post or two from the family ;-). I met up with them again in Salzburg for the weekend. There they toured the castle overlooking the city while I ducked away to the modern art museum (also on top of the cliffs) on the first day. The next day was the long-anticipated Sound of Music tour for the ladies and a tour of the salt mines for the guys.
Sadly, there was no costume-wearing, lively singing as we had hoped, but we did get to see all the sights of the movie. The tour bus also rolled through the lovely Salzburg lakes region. We ended our time in Salzburg with Rick popping back and forth in our empty train car, snapping photos with the sunset cooperating beautifully.

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