July 22, 2010

One Year in Munich

Last night we celebrated Greg's dad and aunt's birthdays (more on their trip to the region later) as well as our one year mark of moving to Munich!

Birthday girl and boy celebrating early with some mackerel and beer
We decided a couple days before that there was no reason not to go to a biergarten with whichever friends were still in town. So the Chinese Tower biergarten in the heart of the Englischer gartens it was - with just a little "spitting" of rain as my Loahfer friend Emily labeled it. Side tangent: the Brits, Irish and Kiwis really know how to categorize rain and the different forms of it - the rain has done everything from spit on me to lash out at me according to my buddies!

Chinese Tower with the lights on and the oompah band gone *thankfully*

It was great to see the wide variety of people we've gotten to know this last year all in one place and some new faces, too. At one point, I looked down the table - Greg's family were talking with the New Zealand husband of my friend; my German co-workers were laughing with Greg about some disgusting story from his good ol' days in central Wisconsin; and I was thinking about the chocolatey cupcake/muffin that my co-worker (who I've only known a few months in fact) gave me that morning to celebrate the anniversary of our  move. It was easy to see that taking the risk of moving abroad was well worth it for us!

Walking back to the metro at night, we passed by the water fountains all lit up -
excellent way to end the evening!


  1. Glad to see you are having a great time. Having a look at Greg's dad - I didn't realise that cloning was legal in the states!!
    Have a great time

  2. Congrats on 1 Year in Munich! wish we could come see you....maybe if you end up living there for a lot longer, we could tear ourselves away from the kiddos for a trip:-)