July 12, 2010

Return to London - Part II

London still amazes me. I was most excited about the noticeable drive the city is making to be an environmental leader of the future. It will take time for London to feel as clean and bike friendly as Munich, but people are trying. I was amazed and scared about the bikers taking on the double decker buses. I just had to ride the bus while thinking of what my big brother Matt would have wanted to do.

London has taught me a lot and really drives the person I am today. I remember 10 years ago the horrible shower in my rented apartment – today a military shower suits me just fine. Small spaces by American standards are considered enough for the normal family in London. And upon reading a biking pamphlet – “it only rains 6% of the time in London and a quick towel wipe and deo under the arms will leave you fresher than if you would have sweated to work riding the Tube.” The weather was hot all week, the Tube (subway) was muggy, yet not as pungent as the Munich public transport on a hot day.

So London, I leave you once again feeling inspired and satisfied with all that you have offered. I feel rested and fully trained for a week of exploring more of Europe with my parents and aunt Til. Next stop - back to Prague!

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