July 8, 2010

Spain in the Semi-Final Round

I watched last night's game in which Spain kicked Germany's butt to go on to beat face the Netherlands in the finals of the World Cup. I'm sad it's almost over, but not really sad that Germany lost. They had their chance and played quite a few good games. But last night's performance showed they weren't ready to move on. They just didn't step it up last night and Spain is an amazing team.

As I sat in the smoky (because as the game dragged on, the crowd began to smoke more and more) room in the barn/painter's studio of a co-worker's boyfriend's father, it was obvious there would be no cheering for Spain. I kept it quiet, but I'm pretty sure everyone in our immediate vicinity knew who I was for. No one made a sound when Spain made their only goal, but I was cheering inside. When the game ended, dead silence again.

Although I didn't make a sound then, I was ringing my bike bell all the way home last night!

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  1. Very cute. I was kind of rooting for Germany, but I agree, they definitely played a horrible game.