July 10, 2010

Return to London - Part I

I said I would do lots of things before returning to London. Now 10 years later I am back. At first I thought the city would look different, changed. Yet quickly I realized I was the one that had changed and London felt comfortably familiar.

Imperial War Museum

London Eye

I made a point to use each hour to its fullest. From the moment I arrived to the moment I leave my workshop, I have been “goin' walkabout.” As I wander with intent my brain continues to amaze me with flashbacks of streets and buildings that were buried deep a decade ago.

Mind the Gap

And I have built new memories. There is one memory I realized very quickly that does not exist and will have to wait until London part 3. That is the future memory of enjoying London with my wife. Ayelet loved being back in New York and London would equally impress her. One day.

I have changed – London is the same – South Thames Riverwalk

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